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Job Shadowing with 301 Organics

Spending the day with Christine, the President and Founder of 301 Organics, has been an eye-opening and a life teaching experience on how I could be helping out not only my community but the planet by composting and recycling and reusing things that many people wouldn’t reuse. I’ve learned to compost overtime and I’m continuing to expand my knowledge and that’s something that I did on Friday, the 24th, with 301 Organics on my job shadow day. I learned I could recycle paper plates and paper cups and basically anything paper related. Something else that I learned was that it comes in handy having an extra trash bin lid under the compost so I could get any excess liquid that comes out of the holes from the bin into the lid. I could then reuse the excess liquid to put back into the compost. I was able to do work and help out hands on that day. I learned how to use a power drill to help set up a compost bin by putting four rows and four holes in each row going downwards and 8 holes in the bottom going around in a circle. We do this so the compost can have good air flow which is very important to ensure that the decomposition process is successful. Overall, my experience from going house to house in Pasadena was an educational learning moment and I’m excited to get more training and experience from 301 Organics.

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