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Why do people compost with 301 Organics?


You can view and read testimonials from those who have benefited from our home composting services, here:

Alma A,   Altadena, CA
C Jake, Altadena, CA
Barbara M., Acton, CA
Greg A, Altadena, CA
Carol G., Pasadena, CA
Linda N., Pasadena, CA
Jeannette U., Pasadena, CA

Heidi B.

Altadena, CA

"Christine, of 301 Organics, has long been the most earth-centric business person and human I know. She works tirelessly to take care of large events at the Rose Bowl and local schools but doesn't leave out the home gardener with her team of compost bin builders and caretakers!"

Barbara M.

Acton, CA

"301 Organics is an EXCEPTIONAL business with PASSIONATE and DEDICATED people running it. Most people want to do their part in the world of composting or lessening our carbon footprint. These are the people to help you make it happen.

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to do your part, but not certain how; a student wanting to "save the world" but not clear of your options or a business that knows their food waste should be going somewhere besides the local dump; contact these folks.

I can highly recommend them as a residential composting service, as well as educators. They know their stuff. Top notch, professional and committed.

Check out their website, email or call them.
It's not as difficult as you think to do the right thing. I'm incredibly grateful to them. Thank you."

Barbara Moran, Infinite Consulting Resources

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