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March 6, 2019

301 Organics is proposing a Community Based Project to help Kroger in their campaign to Zero-Hunger and Zero-Waste in their communities!  What better group of experts and professionals than 301 Organics!  We have already been doing this very work in Pasadena assisting the Rose Bowl Stadium divert over 71.1 tons of organic material from landfills and 4.1 tons of edible food to hungry people!  Imagine how much more we can do for Kroger and their chain of grocery stores not only in Pasadena (there are 3 Ralphs and 1 Food for Less store) but beyond.  We have a working model that just needs to be expanded and Kroger is an ideal partner.  Help Kroger get to know us by liking us on Facebook and sharing our posts with your network!

A look at how to select the right and best-fit organics processing system.  They are not all the same and neither of them are a One Size Fits All solution!  http://fesmag.com/features/foodservice-issues/15605-how-to-specify-composting-equipment

Here is a link to a site we think is very helpful to those pursuing a zero-waste life! (http://treadingmyownpath.com) Blogger Lindsay Miles does a great job of promoting a sustainable lifestyle.   Check out her post on "Why Tetra Paks aren’t Green (even though they’re recyclable)"


October 14, 2016

Welcome! We are 301 Organics, formerly known as Waste Less Living.  As of April 1, 2016 California has implemented a new mandate requiring all businesses that g

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