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to Home Composting

Now you too can manage your own food waste and produce your own healthy soil.....with a little help from us!



For residents and concerned citizens who understand the importance of composting and its contribution to reversing global climate change but are not in a position to do it themselves.  This is a great option for those who would prefer technical experts to do the job for them and be successful at it!


Set-up Includes:

  • 1- hour assessment and site visit

  • Site and system type recommendation and set-up

  • Waste collection and storage guidance

Monthly Service Includes (30 – 40 minutes/visit):

  • 1st Month Free (value $250)

  • Food and yard waste assessment and documentation

  • Mixing, Watering, Temperature Evaluation, Bioactivity Assessment

  • Nuisance Control (odor, vectors, animals)

  • Diversion reporting (a monthly report of how much organics you diverted from landfill!)

*Supplies purchased separately.

*Each part of 30 minutes beyond initial visit:  $15 (additional chipping, mixing, material handling)



For those interested in helping your neighbors compost too, this option is the best and makes a world of difference.  All that's needed is about a 4' x 3' space in your backyard, access to water and for our Composting Technicians.   You help sign on 9 neighbors to your hub!


Set-up Includes:

  • 1- hour start up and site visit

  • Site and system type recommendation and set-up

  • Waste collection and storage guidance

  • Distribution of subscription flyer for neighbors​



Virtual Instruction

(minimum 4 participants to start training)

Residents who see the value of composting and want to do it themselves and/or want to teach their children the science behind composting.  Learn the ins and outs of composting; from collection to storage to mixing to watering to controlling nuisances to harvesting to final production!  We’ll teach you not just the HOW but also the WHY behind your own successful composting! Great for family, friends, and neighbors! 


  • 4 hours of VIRTUAL DISTANCE LEARNING with expert having over 40 hours of field training with the US Composting Council Research & Education Foundation

  • Delivery and/or construction of bin, supplies and materials 

  • 4 hours of one-on-one field training (over 4 weeks)

  • Monitoring worksheets for tracking biological activity and landfill diversion efforts

  • Supply list*

*Recommended supplies and tools purchased separately!




(up to 1 hour)

Residents who are committed to zero-waste living and value the importance of composting but their budgets and time are limited.  Take the guess work out of researching yourself and not knowing which compost system is the right best fit for you.  We'll talk you through what you need to know about the organics you generate, what tools you will need and techniques to learn to finally be successful at composting.   

*Recommended supplies and tools purchased separately!



6 MONTH PLAN weekly check-in  

  • Unlimited consulting (phone or email) for trouble shooting

  • One (1) group virtual meet-up/mo ​

  • $9.99/mo on-going monthly support after 6 months

    • ​​Unlimited calls, text, email inquiries for trouble-shooting​

    • Four (4) complimentary maintenance visit/year  

    • One year subscription commitment

    • Supports Youth & Environment Program

  • Individual visits with no subscription beyond 6 months, $60/hour

*Recommended supplies and tools purchased separately!

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