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Liquid compost is biology in a bottle!  The microorganisms that inhabit a compost pile are extracted and transferred into liquid form that you can add to the base of your plants or sprayed onto their leaves.  This sample kit gets you started with a new chemical-free way to nourish your plants....with biology!  After all, they are responsible for providing your plants with what nutrients your plants need and when they need it.

Liquid Compost - Sample

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This sample kit comes with its own seeping bag, spray bottle and 6 oz. of biologically active compost and worm castings to create your very own liquid compost.  Instructions are included for the extraction process leaving you with a liquid to fill your spray bottle with and begin a new way of nourishing and protecting your plants.  See insert for additional information on the difference between 'extracts' and 'teas.'

    The glass bottle can be used for future applications of compost tea we can make and supply to you.  The bottle can also be used for other purposes like an essential oil spray or returned to us for reuse. 

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