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Why go with 301 Organics?

1) It’s cheaper and we are not a waste hauler.
2) Our emissions are nothing compared to your commercial hauler who takes your food scraps to who knows where for processing. OK…we do know where and it’s not local causing a fair amount of congestion on the road, a fair amount of unnecessary emissions, and over inflated and added costs to homeowners and small business owners.
3) We make a local and undeniably sustainable product from your food scraps that you can use.
4) We utilize the most recent and appropriate composting technology on the market. We have tried and tested them and we know what they are capable of.
5) We know how to make a high quality compost product that is biologically active and not chemically synthesized. If we can make a product good enough to put on the Rose Bowl Stadium grounds, golf course and soccer fields, then its good enough for everyone else!
6) It’s the right thing to do to combat global climate change…..locally.

Why go with 301 Organics?
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