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Composting is nature's way of recycling

and diverting food waste and other organic material from landfill, which is now the law in California and other states. It allows wasted food, green waste, paper, manure, compostable serviceware and other organics to REcompose into nutrient enriched soil. Managing your organics with the right system that best fits your needs is cost effective and environmentally responsible. 
In California, SB 1383 requires all food waste generators, like residences, businesses, schools and institutions to divert their organic waste from landfill as a way to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gases.  At 301 Organics, we can help you plan and make the right investments in technology and training.  We do all the research for you and come up with options and an action plan.  We have the experience, the know-how and on-the-ground experience so you don't skip a beat with the law or transition to a new way of waste management.   We know how to "close the loop" on-site to benefit your operation beyond just organics diversion! 
Whether you are a restaurant, homeowner, apartment dweller, school, university, church, hospital or public venue entity, we have the expertise to put in place a plan that works for you, your budget and specific needs. 
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How much wasted food are you producing?
We'll perform an in-depth analysis and come up with a plan to help you go beyond recycling.


Do you think hauling is your only option?

We have alternative DIVERSION solutions that are sustainable.  The best of its kind!


We'll set you up with a proven turn-key system to ensure that your organic waste is not only RECOVERED but accounted for. 


Wasted food can go to feed the hungry or composted to feed the soil. Not only does waste food revive lives but it regenerates the soil for healthy golf courses, athletic fields, public greenways, and lawns, closing the resource loop and continuing the cycle of REBIRTH!

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