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Are you looking to divert your food and other organic waste?

We're here to help.

We are a Composting Service Provider, custom designing organic waste management programs

for schools, private and public institutions, and commercial businesses.

Every service is customized, and our team is made up of the most experienced experts in the field.

Our environmental planners, soil experts, and resource managers will figure out what works best

for you and your facility.

Our experts will educate you and your team, and implement a turn-key waste management system

that will put you in compliance with California's  mandatory food waste recycling law AB 1826.

School Recovery Programs

School Composting Programs

We can work our curriculum into

your science lessons and teach your students the value of sustainable

waste management practices.

We teach kids how healthier habits can lead to a healthier environment by creating a cycle of clean organic materials for composting. 

Our educational curriculum focuses on solutions for food consumption (upstream) and disposal issues (downstream).

We also work with facility managers to help transition schools to zero waste campuses. We set up proper infrastructures and secure service providers, from haulers to product buyers. Since 2010, we've helped schools across Southern California divert over 30 tons of organic waste from landfills by composting.


Click HERE to see some of the work we've done with one of our partnering schools.

Paks & Recreational Facilities

Parks & Recreational Facilities

Composting your organic waste and using a compost soil blend on your turf can save you money and water.

Parks, athletic fields, golf courses, turf grass and other recreational facilities are ripe for composting!

Studies show the application of a compost-soil blend can reduce water usage by at least 30%. Reducing water usage and fertilizer expenses not only cuts your costs, but is a sustainable way of building healthy soil, and cleaning our air and water. It's a win-win solution! 

The right combination of planning program design, implementation and best management practices can help you realize both economic and environmental gains.


Our team of industry experts can plan, implement, and identify innovative management practices for healthy turf that are cost effective and environmentally desirable.    

Large Venue Events

301 Organics has years of experience servicing large events and venues ranging from school fundraisers

to corporate functions to stadiums.

Large Venue Events

Whether your venue services hundreds or tens of thousands of visitors, we'll take care of everything.

We offer strategy, custom signage and messaging, and trained personnel to make sure your organic materials are sustainably managed. Before the event, our experts will asses your existing waste management practices. Then we'll partner with you to determine the best fit for your facility. 

Every large venue service comes with :

Customized Signage

Specialized Containers

On-Site Monitoring and Staff Management

Visual Documentation, data recording and tracking

Food Waste Diversion Planning

Waste Diversion Reporting

Off-Site Processing of Organics/Composting

Green Messaging

Composting for Business

Composting for Business

California implemented mandatory food waste recycling law AB 1826 in 2014.

Are you covered? 

We’re here to help you cut costs, and give back

to the community. 

The law makes organic waste recycling mandatory

for commercial businesses depending on how much waste they produce per week. The choice to self-sort, self-haul, or hire out recycling services is up to

the business. 

Our professionals can lay out your options

and get you started.

When it comes to composting, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. There are options, alternatives,

and new technologies. 

301 Organics is your trusted partner in designing the  best program for your facility. 

Our clients have diverted upwards of 97% of their organic waste by composting instead of landfilling.

First, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of the law. Next, we'll implement a program that will not only comply with the law but is also good business. Then if needed we can provide ongoing operations management support, all while making sure it's cost effective.   

Studies show that recycling food waste and using compost results in 25% less water for irrigation. This makes composting one of the most practical urban solutions for waste management.

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